The Libraries currently offers expanded online access to textbooks, since our physical textbook lending collection is not available. Many textbooks are already available as ebooks through our Catalog, and we’re working to license more. For other textbooks that aren’t available as ebooks, we’re scanning short excerpts upon request so that students may have access to the readings they need. You can browse and view these excerpts through our Temporary Access to Chapters Online service.

What can I request to be scanned?

Chapters or a section of a textbook that the Libraries owns in print but cannot acquire or license as an ebook. (This excludes most lab manuals and interactive e-texts.)

Not sure if the item you want is eligible? Submit a request, and we’ll find the best way to give you access to the textbook section you need. If the Libraries has an ebook copy, we’ll send you a link. If we need to scan it, we’ll let you know when it’s available to view, usually within 2-3 weekdays (Mon-Fri).

For each request, please request only what you need to complete your current work.

If the Libraries has an ebook copy, we’ll send you a link that you can access at any time.

Can I view the chapter for more than 3 hours?

Some books have unlimited viewing, so you can view those chapters for as long as you need to.

Other chapters are viewable for a limited time to allow multiple people to access the book while adhering to copyright guidelines. If no one else views the chapter after your time limit is up, you will be able to view the chapter for another block of time. And you can keep accessing the chapter as it’s available throughout the semester.

Can more than one person at a time view a chapter?

Some, but not all, chapters can be viewed by only one person at a time due to copyright guidelines. These guidelines require the Libraries to circulate digitized copies of print books in a controlled manner.

If you’ve tried multiple times and the chapter has been in use each time, you may let us know by emailing library_reserves@ncsu.edu, and we may be able to purchase another copy to make it available.

About this service

As part of NC State University's effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Libraries is fulfilling requests in different ways than we would under our standard practices. We know that some of the limitations of the Temporary Access to Chapters Online system aren’t ideal for all study habits; and we thank you for your patience as we work to give you access to the readings you need while ensuring that our online delivery practices are lawful and appropriate in these extraordinary circumstances.

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